Justice for John McManus

Changing the laws effecting hit-and-run drivers in Pennsylvania.

Matt Coutts ♥ April 4, 2012

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“Anger and sadness tonight for a family from Willow Grove. Their son struck by a hit and run driver, who police have yet to find. Tonight 15 year old Matt Coutts lies in the hospital.

He was hit riding his skateboard with friends in Northeast Philadelphia.”- Fox 29

Matt was skateboarding near his home when he was hit by a driver, who then flew the scene.

We are looking for a SILVER HONDA ODYSSEY!! 

Matt is currently in CHOP with a broken shoulder, wrist and leg and brain injuries. The driver has yet to turn himself in. Matt is suffering in the hospital! The Driver is spending his days, living life as he normally would. Please HELP US!

Visit the Facebook Page that his sister has started for him, and sign the petition to help Matt and other hit-and-run victims get justice!!!


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